How to Keep Relationships Strong and Healthy

Relationships are important to our well-being.

They can help you live longer and healthier, reduce your risk of mental health problems, and even strengthen your immune system!
They also make you happier and more satisfied with your life.

It can be hard to keep relationships strong and healthy, but it’s worth the effort. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, or a family, your relationships can impact your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Your relationship isn’t selfish

Relationships aren’t always one-sided, and if you feel like you’re being taken for granted by your partner or they’re acting selfishly, then your relationship could be unbalanced. Similarly, if you feel like they’re taking advantage of you financially or emotionally, that can be a sign that your relationship isn’t meaningful.

You’re equal in the relationship

In a healthy relationship, both people work to ensure that the other person feels they’re being treated fairly. This can mean equally sharing finances or running errands together, but it can also mean giving your partner what they want and making sure their needs are met.

You’re honest in your conversations

In healthy relationships, both people are able to be open and honest with each other about their thoughts, feelings, and needs. This helps to build trust between you and your partner, which is essential for a long-term, healthy relationship.

You’re affectionate

A relationship is only as strong as its foundation. Often, this starts with physical intimacy. Whether it’s kissing, cuddling, or sleeping together, physical intimacy is important for a healthy relationship.