Techopedia Explains Technology


Often, technological discoveries and achievements are the result of human curiosity and foresight. But what drives those discoveries? And what do they mean to us, as individuals, groups of people, and nations?

Techopedia Explains Technology

In general, technology refers to the application of science and engineering for practical aims, such as changing or manipulating the environment. It is a broad concept, and the specific technologies vary according to their fields of application.

The field of chemistry, for example, employs various technologies for the production of industrial materials such as glass, ceramics, metallurgy, and plastics. The field of biology applies various technologies to develop biological materials such as vaccines, antibodies, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Technology can also be applied to the creation of new machines, hardware, and other tools for use in society. Industrial and manufacturing technologies, for example, employ advanced processes to increase productivity and efficiency. Other applications of technology are found in medicine and transportation, among other fields.

When a scientist creates a new technology, she must first decide what problems it will solve. She must also decide what resources will be needed to build, manufacture, and operate the technology. She must consider questions such as: What energy sources will be required for construction, operation, and maintenance? How will the technology be maintained and updated? What are the risks and benefits of using the technology, and how will it be disposed of when it is no longer useful?