The Benefits of a Team Sport for Kids

Team sport

Having kids participate in team sports is beneficial for them as they learn to work with others. They learn that the group is more important than the individual member and that the overall success of the group will take precedence over their own personal gain. A good coach will promote the development of a team that is bigger than the sum of its parts – a Synergistic team.

During practice and games kids develop patience, perseverance and the ability to accept constructive criticism. They also learn to respect their coaches, teammates and opponents. This teaches the value of morals and ethics, and shows them that they can become better people if they follow these guidelines.

Playing any team sport teaches children how to motivate themselves through the encouragement of teammates. They learn to appreciate the high fives and thumping of fists that are a sign of team spirit. They can also learn to overcome the disappointment of losing a game, learning that personal fights are pushed aside and the goal is the team’s success. This teaches them to put their own feelings in perspective and understand that winning takes time, hard work and dedication. This will help them in life by teaching them to be self-motivated and focused on a long-term goal. In addition, participating in a team sport will help them stay physically fit, which can prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. They will also have a great social network in their teammates.