The Positive and Negative Side of Technology


Technology is the tools, processes and systems that transform engineering, science, medicine, agriculture, commerce, business, and other disciplines into a coherent means of accomplishing tasks. It incorporates research, design, craftsmanship, finance, manufacturing, labor, management, marketing and maintenance.

In a consumer context, technology refers to gadgets like mobile phones, the internet, computers, big TV’s, HiFi’s etc. It also encompasses the software that allows these devices to function. This is known as Information Technology (IT).

It is often assumed that all technology is good, however this is not always the case. Many new technologies have significant negative side effects. This is because they may have unintended consequences that outweigh their beneficial ones. It is therefore important to evaluate the positive and negative sides of any new technology before incorporating it into your life or work.

The use of technology can reduce human error and increase productivity. This is because machines are much faster and more accurate than humans. It is also possible to save costs by using technology in areas where manual labour would otherwise be required.

Some technologies require a large amount of energy to operate, which can cause environmental problems. Other technologies have unintended impacts on the natural environment, such as the leakage of refrigerator gases into the atmosphere. It is important to consider these issues when designing and deploying any new technology. This is especially true if you are an engineer, as it is your responsibility to ensure that your technology will be safe for use and will not harm people or the environment.