What is Fashion?


Fashion is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise devoted to the business of making and selling clothes. The industry is made up of four main levels: raw material production, manufacturing, retail sales, and advertising and promotion.

Fashion (pronounced “fash”) is the term used to describe those manners, customs, and dress patterns that are generally regarded as acceptable or popular. The word fashion may also be used to describe the temporary popularity of a style or pattern, as in this year’s vogue for fashion designers.

In modern times, the word has also come to refer to the clothing itself, including the fabrics and stitching used to create specific styles of garments. Fashion is a form of expression that enables people to modify their clothing and appearance in order to suit their own needs, personalities, and desires.

It has a long history and continues to influence society in many ways. Famous cultural figures such as musicians, actors and other high-profile persons often influence the styles we choose to wear.

Trends can be a reflection of social and political changes. They can be a way for people to show off their wealth, position or status, and they can also be a tool used by businesses to increase profits.

Most trends go through a cycle of introduction, diffusion and resurgence. During this process, new styles are created by fashion innovators. These innovators are then picked up by a few fashion leaders, who then pass on their styles to their followers. As a result, the trend is usually adopted by a small percentage of consumers.