What is News?


News is the media coverage of current events, affairs and developments. The content of news articles are varied, but they all aim to give readers information and a better understanding of the world around them.

News aims to keep people informed about the events that affect their lives and the lives of those they know. It can also offer analysis and interpretation, enabling people to make sense of complex issues.

Crime: People are interested in crimes, especially when they are unusual or involve high profile victims. They are also interested in news about police, investigations and apprehensions of criminals. Money: Whether it is the fortunes of celebrities made and lost, school fees, taxes or the Budget; food prices, droughts, floods, wage rises or compensation claims – these are all newsworthy items. Health: News about hospitals, clinics, traditional remedies, medical research and diseases are of interest to the general public. People are always interested in anything that could affect their personal wellbeing.

The biggest news stories are given priority and will feature on the front page of a newspaper or bulletin and in the headlines of television and radio news broadcasts. They will be followed by other major stories which are deemed to be of lesser importance. Less important stories may appear on other pages of a newspaper or in the later sections of a TV and radio bulletin, or they might be reported online only. All of this is based on the editorial judgement of editors and others involved in selecting and publishing the news.