What Is Technology?


Technology is a broad term that refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical aims, such as changing and manipulating the environment. It is a broad field that covers many areas of human activity, from building construction to genetic engineering. Technology is also a tool used by business to stay competitive, as they use the latest technologies to create new products or services and deliver them to their customers.

Technology can be divided into four categories; Communication, Information, Information Processing and Machine/Material Processes. Communication is an essential part of technology that allows us to transmit data or information from one place to another. This is achieved through various means such as email, fax, SMS and social media platforms. Communication is used in everyday life by humans to share ideas and connect with family, friends and colleagues. Businesses use communication tools to facilitate internal and external communications, promote products/services to their target audience and keep customers informed.

Machine/material process is a subset of technology that focuses on the mechanical transformation of matter into a useful product or service. Machines/material processes use technology to manufacture goods and services such as cars, electronics, textiles and food. The manufacturing industry uses the latest technology to stay competitive and make their products as efficient as possible.

This is a wide and important field that encompasses many areas of human endeavour. There are, however, concerns around the impact of technology on society such as increasing automation, mental health problems due to less interaction with people in real life, addiction to gadgets and more.